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At Studio Portal, we have built out business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry incorporating modalities beneficial to your skin health, and your overall health and wellbeing. 

The initial consultation is an in-depth conversation with Natasha to gain a better understanding of all facets of your individual skin needs and goals, taking into consideration your full health and skin history, as well as your current skin state and influences of lifestyle habits. Natasha`s focus integrates both topical support (products, skin microbiome, external stressors, at-home care), and the internal systems that impact skin function (immune function, gut health, nervous system and stress, hormonal health, detoxification paths) to help clients better understand their unique skin health and needs.


The goal is to help identify your particular stressors (internal and external) and establish better habits and care to support healthy skin function and maintain symptom-free skin long term. Natasha takes a full spectrum approach, combining the most natural of ingredients while also welcoming advanced technologies designed to gently stimulate “skin’s physiology” and its built-in regenerative processes. The initial consultation is FREE and included with your first appointment. Alternatively you can schedule consultations only for the skin analysis, home care, and in-studio treatment recommendations and frequency. See pricing below. 

Each treatment is personalized at the time of service based on your skin needs unless you have purchased one of the packages. For the technologies that require certain number of treatments initially we offer 4+1 Free Package (must be used within 6 month time period). 

Natasha provides personalized care for skin affected by dermatological conditions (eczema, dermatitis, etc.) or injured by environmental aggressors (sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dryness, volume loss, etc.). Natasha is affiliated with the dermatologists, medical doctors, and medical clinics that she can refer you to if needed.


We are delighted to partner with the world`s know leaders in professional skin care that are of high quality, pure, concentrated, innovative, and scientifically proven for effectiveness. Proper home care is critical in protecting healthy skin as well as in regeneration of skin damaged by skin conditions or environmental factors. When paired with the lates technological modalities such as Microcurrent, LED, Ultrasonic, High Frequency, Radio Frequency, Bio-Mechanical Stimulation (BMS), Cold Laser (LYMA) we are able to induce skin`s natural regenerative processes and significantly improve skin`s appearance and re-enforce its own defense functions long term. 


"The skin of the face is one of the only places where the sympathetic, parasympathetic and sensory nervous systems all play a role, and can influence and amplify each other`s effects."
Martin Steinhoff, MD, Dublin School of

Nutrition Consultancy is available for those dealing with eczema, acne, dermatitis, and similar.


Nutrition Consultancy is available for those dealing with eczema, acne, dermatitis, and similar. Our integrative approach addresses your lifestyle and dietary habits to improve not only your skin health but your overall wellness. 

Skin care and treatment recommendations, and/or referral to our trusted medical affiliates. Free consultations.


We are looking forward to assist you! Receive detailed report along with skin care and treatment recommendations, and/or referral to our trusted medical affiliates if needed. 30 min consultations available in-person or on-line.  

Menu of Services 




Best Skin LED Facial is our a unique synergistic combination of products and technologies to bring out your best skin – smooth, firm, and vitalized appearance! Best Skin LED Facial is completely personalized to each client's skin so no two facials will be exactly alike. This treatment incorporates a combination of modalities, which may include microcurrent, ultrasound, negative ionization, radio frequency, etc. based on your personal needs and concerns. Facial concludes with powerfully rejuvenating LED photo-biomodulation therapy to super-charge your skin`s healthy radiance.

75 min $150



Restore and improve dermal health to achieve lasting radiance and vitality of the skin. Best Skin is personalized treatment to help harmonize the skin for improved and clear complexion, stimulate cell turnover, balance sebum production and hydration, strengthen the skin barrier using customized serums, enzymes, masks, and concentrated actives to renew and strengthen skin`s natural defenses on a deeper level. The result is a radiant, naturally glowing complexion.

60 min $130



Same unique synergistic facial protocol enhanced with stimulating massage & LYMA laser is used to bring out your best skin – smooth, firm, and vitalized appearance! LYMA Laser uses Near-Infrared (808nm) wavelengths to recharge, regenerate, and repair skin on a cellular level. These extremely powerful, yet completely painless, low-level laser penetrate the deepest layers of skin, as well as fat and muscle tissue for clinic-grade results. Eliminate free radical damage, boost cell metabolism while increasing skin-plumping collagen and elastin for a lasting, youthful glow. No downtime needed.

90 min $185




This treatment gets into the root of the wrinkles; working with the muscles, connective tissues, fascia, and lymphatic systems this treatment is your natural face lift designed to revive and redefine facial contours and relax facial and neck tightness for the skin looking considerably fresher and younger.  Combining manual massage, BMS treatment, and microcurrent this protocol initiates regeneration on cellular level, improves circulation and oxygenation for refreshed and harmonized facial structures and vibrant appearance.

120 min $235



Designed to relax, and bring calm to overworked, stressed out nervous system. This treatment combines Guasha face & neck massage, relaxing face reflexology focusing on nervous system, and Sensate sensory device to tone vagus nerve (aka nerve of emotion) to improve your stress level, lower anxiety, and optimize your autonomic nervous system. Improved circulation, muscle relaxation, and better skin functions are unavoidable by-products of this restorative treatment!

90 min $160




Consultation - 30 min $60​

Lifestyle Program & Support - 1 mo $250, 3 mo $650


Assessment Session – 60 min $250

Your Skin Reborn Program – 7 Sessions, 60 min each - $750

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