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In a landscape where non-surgical injectable treatments like Botox and fillers have become entrenched as prominent beauty trends, we present a safer and natural alternatives that have demonstrated long-term superiority. 
Our holistic approach encompasses synergistic protocols integrating
skincare, treatments, manual work, and tools for motivated women who seek to replace injection trends with high-performing methodologies, unveiling their authentic, feminine, ageless beauty and promoting extraordinary health. 

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The Original. Forever. is about recovering the unique vital essence in each of us. It is not about striving for ideals dictated by culture. Our impulse is to impose our own visions and ideals on our physical selves; however, we have the ability to create something even more stunning, if we get out of its way and allow it to emerge. Our beauty never forgets its essence, even if we and the world around us have.


The most precious and elusive beauty attribute of all is vitality. Untold vital potential lies within each of us. To connect with it, we must find sanctuary far from the constant physical and sensory bombardment that challenges inner and outer beauty. Only in that sacred space can we rethink and reprogram the mindsets and choices that have kept us from thriving.


Armed with healthier motivations, exceptional information, and new strategies, we possess the needed tools to re-hone our beauty instincts, recover our glowing potential, and deftly navigate the modern beauty labyrinth.

To help you discover the power of your original beauty we design face modeling protocols personalized for your specific goals combining following technologies, methods and tools:

Discover the power of original beauty. 



Microcurrent represents a safe, efficient, and non-invasive technology that has genuinely transformed professional skincare. By replicating the body's natural low-level electrical current, microcurrent technology can significantly enhance facial contour, resulting in a visually lifted facial landscape. The skin appears plump, hydrated, and firm as a result.
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Radiofrequency (RF) technology tightens skin through a process known as collagen remodeling. As a response to the heat, the skin initiates a natural healing process. Fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production, are activated. This leads to the formation of new collagen fibers and the remodeling of existing ones.


Face sculpting massage is a technique designed to enhance facial contours, reduce tension, and promote a more lifted and toned appearance targeting specific areas of concern, such as jawline definition, cheekbone enhancement, or reduction of forehead lines. Techniques such as lymphatic drainage, acupressure, fascia release, buccal massage are all part of our face modeling protocols.


Face Gua Sha and Cupping yield significant outcomes in sculpting, lifting, and subtly reshaping the face for a more youthful, radiant appearance. Above all, these techniques play a crucial role in restoring the healthy functioning of your skin.
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Just like any other muscles, the facial muscles can be retrained to regain firmness and strength. All muscles, including those of the face, require structured exercise; otherwise, they tend to slacken – it's as straightforward as that.
"Beauty is the outcome of intentional self-cultivation. It mirrors our self-confidence and self-awareness. The manner in which we nurture it is a testament to our wisdom and self-respect."

Natasha S Zahorodni

Founder and CEO of Folium Medica LLC, Folium Botanica, and Studio Portal

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