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2023 treatment catalog

All our treatments are designed and customized to address your specific concerns taking into consideration your skin type/condition, selecting appropriate modality, and most effective topicals to bring balance and radiance to your skin. Our treatment approach is rooted in science of Epidermology and Corneotherapy

Our Skin FxNutrition consultancy is available for those of you who deal with skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, and similar. It is a systematic and integrative approach that addresses your lifestyle and dietary habits to help you make adjustments to improve your skin health for a long-lasting positive effect on your overall wellness and wellbeing.  

No matter condition of your skin and your skin story - past treatments or lack of, we would be happy to assist you in achieving your skin goals! 

To schedule a treatment or consultation please contact us via: 


Text: 847.826.5315

Location: 4701 N Cumberland Ave., Norridge, IL 60706 

By appointment only. 


Anti-inflammatory treatment to harmonize the skin, stimulate cell turnover, reduce redness, balance sebum production, and strengthen the skin using customized serums, masks, and concentrated actives to help restore and calm sensitive and distressed skin on a deeper level. Includes extractions (when needed) and high frequency violet light treatment.

Perfect for: Acne, Rosacea, Sensitized & Atopic skin

Treatment time: 1 hour|$120

+ LED (see add-on pricing below)


Improve and maintain a clear complexion, restoring dermal health. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment combines deep triple-cleanse, extractions, microdermabrasion, gommage exfoliant, selected serums, and masks for specific skin type and concerns. The result is a radiant, naturally glowing complexion.

Perfect for: All skin types, Clarity, Radiance, Pore reduction

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 min|$140

+ LED + Gel Mask (see add-ons below)


This non-invasive, unique protocol combining introductory dry massage, and radio frequency to re-energize cells promoting tightening, tone, and over time more sculpted and lifted face. Skin becomes more resilient, radiant, and youthful with each treatment. Includes face and neck treatment. For maximum benefit, an 8-week series is recommended.

Perfect for: Lack of tonus and firmness

Treatment time: 60 min|$160

Packages: 4 sessions $500, 8 sessions $900

+ LED + Gel Mask + Microdermabrasion (see add-ons pricing below)


This treatment gets into the root of the wrinkles: the connective tissue and fascia integrity. Working with the muscles, connective tissues, and lymphatic systems this treatment is your natural face lift designed to revive and redefine facial contours and relax facial and neck tightness for the skin looking considerably fresher and younger.  Combined hand, Gua sha (face), and BoJin (eyes) massage protocols follow by hyaluronic acid treatment utilizing Magnetique (magnetic hand-tools help stimulate facial muscles and product penetration).

Perfect for: Lack of volume and tone, Poor circulation, Face and Neck Tension

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 min|$160

+ LED + Gel Mask + Intraoral (see add-ons pricing below)


Gentle cosmetic-needling combined with hyaluronic serum infusion stimulates collagen and elastin production, improves hydration, restores skin texture, evens skin tone, and minimizes pore size for overall radiant skin.

Perfect for: Skin resurfacing, smoothing skin texture, reducing appearance of large pores, scars, and superficial wrinkles. Face, Neck, Décolleté, or Hands

Treatment time: 60 min | $180, 90 min | $250 (two areas)


This revolutionary treatment creates a healing response in the dermis, allowing it to generate new collagen, - smoothing, restoring skin texture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, pore size, and visible signs of ageing. Face, Neck, or Décolleté

Perfect for: Optimum skin resurfacing, re-texturizing, scar reduction, smoothing skin surface, reducing appearance of large pores, and deep lines.

Treatment time: 60 min | $200, 90 min |$300 (two areas)

+LED +Hyaluronic Acid (see add-ons pricing below)


Studio Portal Signature Facial – A unique combination of deep triple-cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, dry massage, microcurrent, serums combo, and microcurrent powered sheet mask for deep hydration followed by LED light to bring out your best skin - smooth, firm, and vitalized.

Perfect for: Ultimate rejuvenation, the ultimate aging-well, pre-event glow boost

Treatment time: 1hour 45 min | $250

+Microdermabrasion (see add-ons pricing below)


Unique treatment based on bio-mechanical stimulation applied with the machine developed by Dr. Nazarov. This effective muscle stimulation therapy tones facial muscles, relaxes fascia, and stimulates tissue, and lymph circulation.

Perfect for: Poor tone, Muscle Atrophy, Lymph Stagnation/Puffiness, Head and Neck Tension

Treatment time: 60 min | $120

+ LED + Gel Mask (see add-ons pricing below) 


The ultimate resurfacing treatment to transform your skin. A multi-step process that combines a diamond peel or dermaplaning, LED light, oxygen therapy, and a gentle peel for brightening, exfoliating, and recharging your skin for a flawless complexion. For the best results series of 3 within 6 weeks is recommended.

Perfect for: Uneven skin tone, congested and acneic skin

Treatment time: 1 hour | $ 150

Package: 3 sessions | $360

+Gel Mask (see add-ons pricing below)


The ultimate recovery facial for congested skin lacking glow. Consisting of combination of hydra-dermabrasion, anti-bac pore extraction with texture-perfecting gentle peel, and hydrating gel mask this treatment leaves skin refreshed and glowing.

Perfect for: Dry skin lacking luster, Congested Skin

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 min | $180


FDA approved microcurrent machine delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body`s own natural bio-electrical field to stimulate facial muscles for improved tonus, restored volume, and sculpted face. This treatment is referred to as non-surgical face lift due to the dramatic lifting effect that microcurrent, over time, has on facial muscles, smoothing-out expression wrinkles, and beautifully defined facial contours. Combined with CTM (connective tissue massage) and microcurrent powered sheet mask for deep hydration.

Perfect for: Deep and superficial wrinkles, Loss of volume and tone.

Treatment time: 1hour 15 min | $200

Packages: 3 sessions $500

+ LED + Gel Mask (see add-ons pricing below)


Designed to relax, and bring calm and balance to overworked, stressed out nervous system. This treatment combines two modalities – facial reflexology to stimulate acu points associated with nervous system activity and Sensate device to tone vagus nerve (aka nerve of emotion) to improve your stress level, lower anxiety, and optimize your autonomic nervous system. Improved circulation, muscle relaxation, and better skin functions are unavoidable by-products of facial stimulation as the results, that can be achieved by working with internal imbalances (digestive, respiratory, sleep, etc.), are so powerful to manifest its transformative effect that comes from deep within on the outside.

Perfect for: Acute and chronic conditions affecting health and skin, Stress, Anxiety

Treatment Time: 60 min | $150

+ LED (see add-ons pricing below) 


LED - Anti-aging or acne treatment: 10 min | $20

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION – Deep exfoliation: 20 min | $50

GEL MASK – Super-hydrating gel mask: 15 min | $30

INTRAORAL MASSAGE – in-mouth massage: 20 min | $60





Assessment Session – 60 min $250

Your Skin Reborn Program – 7 Sessions, 60 min each - $750

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