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Meet Natasha 

Natasha Samardzic-Zahorodni, is a skin therapist, functional nutritionist, and the founder of Studio Portal – skin care clinic in Chicago area. At the heart of everything Natasha does is her dedication to health and well-being.


She received professional certifications in the USA and continued acquiring knowledge and training on the best products, treatment techniques and methodologies from renowned skin experts from all over the world. Knowledge acquired over the last 20 years helped develop her unique treatment approach providing customized protocols focusing on skin health and skin regeneration.  


As she suffered with her skin for many years, she focused her research on all things affecting skin. It was through this research that become apparent to her that the common approach of treating skin only topically is a reductionist approach; what is needed is a comprehensive approach of looking at the skin as part of the whole system interacting with both internal and external environment.


Two methodologies that greatly influenced her treatment philosophy are The Epidermology Method® developed by Joëlle Ciocco, French biochemist, and Corneotherapy methodology created by American dermatologist Dr. Kligman. Comprehensive skin analysis considers all body systems, skin history, external and internal factors as well as lifestyle habits to evaluate the skin`s nutritional requirements. In addition to knowledge of skin’s physiology, and cosmetic chemistry, effects and influences of specific types of ingredients on specific condition or skin type is what guides her decision on the topical treatments and home-care recommendations. 


Integrating her learnings on achieving skin`s outer beauty with the functions of the body, Natasha cultivates the connection between internal nourishment and its influence on the external layers of the skin to achieve healthy, glowing skin for everyone.


Natasha continues to advance her education and evolve her service to address core issues causing skin imbalances externally and internally. She stays on top of the research published in realm of nutrition, gut microbiome, and skin microbiota as key influencers on skin`s health.


Natasha is passionate about educating and providing support to her clients beyond her treatment room by organizing events covering wide range of topics related to skin and body wellness. 


Programs & Certifications:

Licensed Esthetician (LE)

Functional Nutrition Consultant – Functional Nutrition Alliance

Chinese Medicine Dramatology - Mazin Al-Khafaji, Avicenna Centre for Chinese Medicine

Dien Chan Zone® Certified in Facial Reflexology

Corneotherapy - International Association of Applied Corneotherapy

Natasha is a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals, Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists, The Italian Facial Reflexology International Academy, and International Association of Applied Corneotherapy.

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