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dermaviduals® tenfione® Semisomal Bath is a velvety bath oil for all skin types, particularly sensitive or blemish-prone skin due to its high linoleic acid content.


This product contains natural oils and vitamin E which spontaneously turn into a mixture of nanoparticles and liposomes (semisomes) when the product is mixed water.


Luxurious bath oil for sensitive and compromised skin. 


Product not available online. 

Tenfione Semisomal Bath

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  • Tenfione Semisomal Bath is a tremendously unique body care product prepared with nature identical lipids in a double encapsulation of a nanoparticle and then an outer liposome. When combined with water, the water soluble liposome dissolves, leaving the oil soluble nanoparticle, rich in lipids, to melt into the skin upon contact, providing your skin with a pleasant velvety feeling after a bath.

    • Nourishes and hydrates
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • High concentration of linoleic acid (omega 6)
    • Supports the repair of skin barrier function
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