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dermaviduals® Acne Resolution 

dermaviduals® Acne Resolution Case Study 

Our first in series, case study Regenerate - Closed

Regenerate Now is a case study program designed to help improve appearance of the skin long term by bringing it into balance and strengthening its barrier. Our customized protocols are holistic and comprehensive approach to addressing symptomatic skin and healthy skin function following our guiding principles in skin treatment approach – protect skin barrier, protect skin microbiota, and nourish with bio-identical, skin loving ingredients.


Goal of the study is to push boundaries of what can be achieved with proper skin care, treatment selection and sequence in a more wholistic, integrative approach avoiding overstimulation, harsh ingredients, and treatments that jeopardize facial anatomy, skin structure, and its function. Study will appropriately address and track all aspects of skin aging – facial contours, loss of volume, laxity, uneven tone, rough texture, and lack of luster. We will also identify key factors posing challenges in achieving optimum results.

The initial consultation is an in-depth conversation with Natasha to gain a better understanding of all facets of your individual skin needs and goals, taking into consideration your full health and skin history, as well as your current skin state and influences of lifestyle habits. Natasha`s focus integrates both topical support (products, skin microbiome, external stressors, at-home care), and the internal systems that impact skin function (immune function, gut health, nervous system and stress, hormonal health, detoxification paths) to help clients better understand their unique skin health and needs. The goal is to help identify your particular stressors (internal and external) and establish better habits and care to support healthy skin function and maintain symptom-free skin long term.


Natasha takes a full spectrum approach, combining the most natural of ingredients while also welcoming advanced technologies designed to gently stimulate “skin’s physiology” and its built-in regenerative processes. Products at Studio Portal are of highest quality, pure, concentrated, innovative, and as natural as possible, and are paired with the latest technological advancements including MicrocurrentsMicrodermabrasion, Hydra Flow, LED, Magnetique, High Frequency, RF Tightening, RF Microneedling.


No matter state of your skin we look at you as the source of healthy skin. When skin`s function is synchronized with internal and external environment, and non-genetic influences such as nutrition and lifestyle are optimized skin will show this high level of homeostasis by its radiance and dewy glow.

To be considered for the case study please fill out the form below or email us your face photo in high resolution to and we`ll get in touch with you. 

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Refresh your life by nurturing your skin.

The initial consultation is FREE and included with your first appointment. Alternatively you can schedule consultations only for the skin analysis, home care, and in-studio treatment recommendations and frequency.

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