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dermaviduals® Whitening Concentrate contains a combination of various extracts encapsulated in liposomes for prevention of skin hyperpigmentation. Most of these extract components inhibit tyrosinase and the formation of melanin.


This product is applied preventively and results can be seen after several weeks.

For care of skin susceptible to hyperpigmentation.


*Consult your corneotherapist with regard to pigmented spots to exclude formation of melanomas.


Product not available online. 

Whitening Concentrate

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  • The delivery of active ingredients via liposomal encapsulation increases the efficacy and enables low dosage of the carefully selected tyrosinase inhibitors, such that whitening concentrate can be used as a safe and effective long term solution for pigmentation.

    • Inhibits tyrosinase
    • Improves the appearance of age spots & hyperpigmentation
    • Enhances skin complexion
    • Long term use is safe & effective
    • No rebound pigmentation after use
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