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dermaviduals® Total Cleansing Cream is a shower cream that contains gentle tensides with additional natural oils and DMS components. DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual`s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers to dermaviduals DMS products, your skin may initially feel dry, but followed by a soft, supple feeling.


This product can be used for the whole body and hair or as a facial cleanser for dry skin conditions.


Suitable for all skin types and highly recommended for sensitive and problem skin.


Product not available online. 

Total Cleansing Cream

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Gentle, non-drying cleanser for all skin types
    • Perfect as a makeup remover
    • Supports the repair of disrupted skin bilayer
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Total body wash for the whole body and hair
    • Excellent as a men’s shaving foam
    • Correct pH (6.7) for cleansing
    • Contains lipids, DMS and gentle tensides
    • A must-have when travelling
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