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dermaviduals® Oleogel N contains vegetable oils, barrier substances, urea, and evening primrose oil in an ointment base that is free of water. The product penetrates quickly, due to the presence of natural phosphatidylcholine.


Oleogel N is very efficient and provides dry and/or atopic skin effectively with lipids. The essential gamma-linolenic acid is used to support the prevention of inflammatory skin reactions especially in case of omega-desaturase deficiency. Urea has an anti-itching effect.


For the care of barrier disordered and atopic skin.

For skin prone to rosacea, use Oleogel R.


Product not available online. 

Oleogel N

Excluding Sales Tax
    • For face + body + hands
    • Repairs skin barrier
    • Reduces itching
    • Provides essential fatty acids
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Water free formula
    • Retains water
    • Facilitates skin healing
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