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dermaviduals® Liposome NMF Complex Plus consists of phosphatidylcholine, natural moisturizing substances (NMF = Natural Moisturizing Factor) in the form of amino acids and physiologic glycerophosphocholine (GPC) in liposomal dispersion.

The liposomes are rich in essential fatty acids and intensely penetrate the upper skin layer along with the moisturizing substances. This increases the water absorption capacity of the skin.


GPC, a metabolite of PC and precursor of acetylcholine, acts as an effective osmolyte and stabilizes the water balance in the epidermis.


For care of dehydrated blemished skin.


Product not available online. 

Liposome NMF Complex Plus

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  • Liposomal delivery of NMF is extremely rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids that increase the capacity of the skin to absorb water. Water is essential for enzyme function and corneocyte compaction, ultimately supporting the creation of a strong skin barrier.

    • Bio-identical to the skin’s own NMF
    • Contains over 40% amino acids
    • Excellent water retaining capabilities
    • Improves elasticity, smoothness and hydration
    • Repairs lipid bilayers
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