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dermvaiduals® Isoflavone Serum contains the isoflavones genistin and daidzin which can balance estrogen deficiencies and, in the cosmetic field, are used for the prevention of hormone-induced skin problems.


Isoflavones stimulate the collagen synthesis as well as the cell formation and slow down the collagen degradation process. This means that the increased activity of the sebum glands due to high testosterone levels can be returned to normal levels.


This serum is unique from other dermaviduals® active agents due to the consistency resulting from the high isoflavone content.


For skin care during and after menopause.

Care of hormonally induced skin impairments.


Product not available online. 

Isoflavone Serum

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  • The isoflavones function to superficially balance estrogen deficiencies and support the prevention of hormone-induced skin issues, in particular hormonally induced acne. Isoflavones also stimulate collagen synthesis, healthy cell formation and slow the collagen degradation process.

    • Balances skin hormonal levels
    • Free radical scavenger
    • Antioxidant
    • Slows collagen breakdown
    • Increases skin hydration
    • Influences healthy sebaceous secretion
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