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Retinol Serum 1-3 may help to normalize the appearance of skin abnormalities and damage, and in promoting healthy-looking skin that looks trul reborn beautiful. 


*ENVIRON is a consultation only product line due to the very high levels of active ingredients. Please email us at, contact us via text at 847.826.5315 for advice to order your products.

Focus Care Youth+ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1 by Environ

SKU: 3642153761351710
  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products. Start off by adding one drop to your reconnended Environ vitamin A moisturiser each evening and then slowly increase the amount until you can use the Retinol product on the own and your skin feels comfortable. Alternatively, apply Retinol to face and neck or specific areas and allow to dry, then follow with your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturizer, morning and/or evening. 

    Warning: The skin may feel uncomfortable when first using Retinol 1 adn this transietn irritation of the skin may reoccur each step-up in the Intensive Retinol regime. If an irritation (dr skin with a rash) should develop we reconnend that the frequency of application be reduced from every day to alternative or even every third or fourth day until the skin becomes comfortable. 

    Hints and Tips: 

    • Use 2-4 bottles per step before progessing to the higher level. 
    • Retinol 1,2, and 3 may be used in conjunction with B-Active Sebugel A for problematic skin conditions. 
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