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dermaviduals® Eye Gel Plus is a DMS gel formulation with hyaluronic acid, butcher’s broom, cucumber extract and panthenol. This product has a moisturizing and smoothing effect due to the hyaluronic acid and panthenol content. Ruscin, ruscogenin and neoruscogenin contained in the butcher’s broom extract are astringent and toning for the vascular system. The DMS contained stabilizes the skin barrier around the eyes.


For smoothing, moisturizing and toning around the eyes.


Product not available online. 

Eye Gel Plus

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Astringent
    • Strengthens, tones and tightens
    • Provide intensive hydration
    • Soothing
    • Supports prevention of dark circles
    • Helps with slight oedema and puffiness
    • Diminishes the appearance of superficial, fine lines
    • Anti-inflammatory
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