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dermaviduals® Eye Cream is a DMS cream with coenzyme Q₁₀, ceramide, phytosterols, skin-caring lipids, meadowfoam seed oil, olive oil and shea butter.


The kigelia and hyaluronic acid help tighten and smooth sensitive and delicate skin. It stabilizes superficial blood vessels, hydrates the skin and supplies natural lipids.


For the smoothing and tightening intense care of eye areas and décolleté. 

Intense age management of the eye area.


Product not available online. 

Eye Cream

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Improves elasticity
    • Increases moisture retention
    • Firming and tightening
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
    • Powerful antioxidant properties
    • Strengthens and stabilises skin barrier
    • Boosts cellular energy and collagen production
    • Contains non creeping ceramides
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