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dermaviduals® DMS Base Cream High Classic Plus has high-quality skin caring substances without emulsifiers. DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual`s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers to dermaviduals DMS products, your skin may initially feel dry, but followed by a soft, supple feeling.


The cream is white, easily spreadable, and fast penetrating that regenerates the skin without leaving oil shine.


Recommended for dehydrated and low-fat skin. 


Product not available online. 

DMS® Base Cream High Classic Plus

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Mimics the structure and function of skin
    • Fast penetration
    • Protective
    • Hydrating
    • Nourishing
    • Regenerative
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