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dermaviduals® DMS Base Cream Classic is a cream with high-quality skin caring substances (phosphatidylcholine, shea butter, ceramide, squalane, natural moisturizers) without emulsifiers. DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual`s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers to dermaviduals DMS products, your skin may initially feel dry, but followed by a soft, supple feeling.


This product is a light, easily spreading, and fast penetrating cream with DMS that regenerates the skin without leaving a shine.


For normal to oily skin types.

For oily skin that is susceptible to impurities and acne, the DMS Base Cream High Classic is recommended.


Product not available on line. 

DMS® Base Cream Classic

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Mimics the structure and function of skin
    • Fast penetration
    • Protective
    • Hydrating
    • Balances sebum production
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