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The dermaviduals® Shampoo bar contains a completely biodegradable surfactant, physiological stabilizers, and an antistatic agent. Kaolin contributes to the cleansing effect of the bar while triglycerides, jojoba, and the sunflower and acacia waxes support the skin care properties.


Kaolin is a clay that gives the skin a mineral boost while making it brighter and soft. It detoxes and cleans pores, helps to fight acne, exfoliates, and is great for hair.


Appropriate for sensitive scalps and scalp problems.


Product not available online. 

dermaviduals® Shampoo

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  • The shampoo bar has an excellent tolerability for body, scalp and hair. The antistatic conditioner ensures an easy comb-ability and a pleasant smooth hair feel. It’s a multi-use product and leaves no unpleasant residue with hard water.

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