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dermaviduals® Complexion Skin Care Liposomes Plus contains tranexamic acid and vitamin B₃ and is used to even the skins complexion and reduce redness. This product can also be used to treat skin prone to rosacea.


Combine with dermaviduals® Vitamin C Liposome Concentrate for a synergistic treatment that addresses hyperpigmentation.


*Consult your Corneotherapist with regard to pigmented spots to exclude formation of melanomas.


For the treatment of chapped and stressed skin.

Enhances complexion and reduces inflammation.


Product not available online.

Complexion Skin Care Liposome Plus

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  • The key ingredients effectively target pigmentation from all angles. Together, tranexamic acid and vitamin B3 inhibit tyrosinase which catalyses the production of melanin. They also inhibit melanin formation and melanosome transfer to the keratinocyte.

    • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation
    • Stabilises peripheral capillaries
    • Evens complexion
    • Anti-inflammatory
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