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dermaviduals® Caffeine Liposomes consists of pure phosphatidylcholine and highly dosed caffeine in liposomal dispersion.


The native phosphatidylcholine can be used for injection lipolysis (fat melting injection) and when it is combined with the encapsulated caffeine (about 2%) it mobilizes the fat stores. The encapsulated caffeine has lipid mobilizing effects and stimulates microcirculation.


For the stimulation of microcirculation and mobilization of lipids. Also suits cellulite and atrophy-prone skin.

Stimulates microcirculation for mature and tired skin.


Product not available online. 

Caffeine Liposomes

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  • Caffeine stimulates microcirculation in the skin and acts as a vasoconstrictor to support the reduction of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. This key active ingredient naturally contains a high amount of flavonoids for ultimate protection against free radical damage.

    • Reduces puffiness and dark under eye circles
    • Revitalises sluggish and tired skin
    • Repairs and protects with antioxidants
    • Regulates sebum production
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