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Sensate - relaxation device

Silence is the absence of noise not the absence of sound.

Do you ever feel knots in your stomach when stressed? That`s the vagus nerve in action. This cranial nerve allows the main organs of the body to communicate and is often called the gut-brain superhighway. The vagus nerve is responsible for the way your body reacts to stress, so toning this important neve can play an important role in improving your digestion, heart health, and breathing rate.

The vagus never regulates sympathetic and parasympathetic responses. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) drives the “fight or flight” response in stressful situations, while the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) manages our “rest and digest” state.

“Think of vagus never as the brake pedal that helps the body and mind slow down in order to counter the harmful effects of chronic and unmanaged stress response.” Stephen Porges, Kinsey Institute

In our modern world the threats come at you every day from low level anxiety about work and life; you worry about your health, your children, or the state of the world. Your SNS function is ON almost all the time, and your body is under a constant state of tension, so your PNS function doesn't have a chance to get to work and the symptoms of stress and anxiety keep compounding.

A body under physical duress has a significant impact on the mind. A vast number of people with a long-term chronic health and skin conditions also suffer significant bouts of depression with symptoms of anxiety. The issue comes full cycle with the fact that depression often leads to a worsening severity of the physical symptoms. To bring your body back to a state of calm you need to activate PNS. One way to do this is to “access” the vagus nerve as this nerve carries information to most of the major organs and is part of the PNS function. Sensate is designed to tone this nerve and to tone your body's ability to kick-start the PNS when needed.

Sensate infrasound technology reproduces the profound physiological impact of certain exercises human beings have developed to leverage superpower-like abilities over hundreds of generations; versions of which can be observed in every culture on the planet. These are generally breathing, sounding, humming-like or singing sounds produced by the throat and amplified or manipulated by the chest and diaphragm, i.e. chanting, mantra, om-sounds, prayer, vocal sounding, etc.

These techniques have been shown to relax the parasympathetic nervous system, of which the vagus nerve is the largest branch. This system controls heart rate variability (HRV), resistance to stress and

aging, increases stress resilience, and benefits many of the systems associated with increased longevity.

“Sensate is a “singing stone” for the digital age.”

Sensate uses sound to create resonant frequency vibration within the human body, creating a biohacking meditation tool. This is reported as being beneficial for anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental health issues related to stress. Sensate makes a remarkable difference to your overall feelings of calm and sense of peace. And this has a knock-on effect to your physical health.

We have created QUANTUM EFFECT FACIAL for those suffering chronic skin conditions and those looking to bring balance to their overworked nervous system. This treatment combines power of facial reflexology and Sensate to tone vagus nerve and balance nervous system to create unique treatment to relax your overworked nervous system and bring you calm to face a daily grind with stronger mental stamina.

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