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Welcome to STUDIO PORTAL - skin health, beauty, and wellness studio! 


At Studio Portal, we have built out business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry incorporating modalities beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.


Modern and fact-based approach to a wholistic skin treatment holds the biggest promise to cultivate outward beauty as an almost casual by-product of maintaining emotional and physical health relaying on the powers of nature using products formulated with bio-identical ingredients (ingredients that body can recognize and utilize), and scientifically proven bio-mechanical methods/tools that induce positive response in the body.  

Our comprehensive skin treatment approach incorporates elements of total body health, emotional balance, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, exercise, environmental concerns, and natural skin and body care ritual utilizing:

Bespoke Skin Treatments

All treatments are designed to deliver results while also supporting your wellness for a truly customized and relaxing experience.


Holistic & Effective Modalities

Arsenal of non-invasive and transformative technologies, intelligent, medical grade, and natural skincare along with various bio-mechanical methods to achieve and maintain inner homeostasis and outer glow that goes beyond the treatment room.


Healthful Beauty

Health and beauty are two aspects of a woman`s life that are so dependent on each other that they cannot be separated. Dietary changes not only trigger a major turnaround in how your skin looks, feels, and functions but also enhance over-all health. 

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