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CLEAR Clarifying Facial Serum

SKU: 364215376135185
  • Clarifying Serum to Balance and Help Skin Recover

    CLEAR is antiseptic and regenerating blemish treatment for a healthy, even skin tone. It helps clarify blemishes and aid the skin recovery after acneic inflammation subsides. Brings balance to the skin barrier with copaiba to help ceramide generation and farnesol (in neroli) is a critical link in cholesterol synthesis in the skin barrier.

    Green Tea: improves metabolic activity of skin cells in epidermis to accelerate healing process, prevent scarring and acne marks
    Rosemary and Lemon: help bring more blood into the capillaries, so that the supply of epidermis cells and nerve endings with nourishing and oxygenated tissue-fluid becomes better and the skin is purified and “refreshed”
    Thyme and Spike Lavender – Guard the healing process by scavenging bad bacteria and controlling infection so the healing process is not interrupted

    CLEAR supplements BALANCING FACE OIL to help speed recovery when used together or as two-step acne treatment.

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